PearlScan™ is a newly introduced system developed by SSEF that permits to count and measure the dimensions of large quantities of pearls on strands in an efficient manner.

Consisting of an A4 scanner, computer and proprietary software this tool offers the pearl industry a new way of documenting pearl necklaces. It includes:

  • Counting of Pearls
  • Detection of Different Strands
  • Pearl Diameter Measurement
  • Pearl Roundness Factor
  • Detailed Scan Report


Scan of pearl necklace

The user scans one pearl necklace at a time by placing it on the A4 scanner surface. Both a transmission scan image and a documentation scan image are recorded.

Analysis of scan through PearlScan™

PearlScan™ analyses and combines the two scan images to detect pearls and other elements, which can be reviewed by the user for optimisation of output. The length of each strand can be measured based on the selected clasp locations.

User review and detailed report output

The user is provided with a review of measurements, including a summary with 5 representative diameter measurements of each strand, strand lengths, number of pearls and roundness factor of pearls. The detailed scan report (PDF) provides a summary for the tested necklace and detailed information on each single pearl.

First two pages of a specimen scan report. The first page summarises important findings, lists the number of strands, length of each strand and number of pearls as well as intermediary diameters. The latter page detail values measured for each pearl including pearl diameter and pearl roundness factor.